Character Analysis of Antigone

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“Antigone:”Characteristic Traits of Antigone Sophocles’ “Antigone,” is a dramatic story about bravery, determination, and honor. The main heroine of the story is Antigone. Antigone is a young girl who is remembered as a martyr for standing up for her beliefs and family’s honor. Antigone early on displays her bravery and determination by going against the wishes and desires of her uncle, Creon, the tyrant ruler of Thebes, to uphold her brother’s (Polyneices) right for a proper burial. Antigone portrays her bravery, determination, and honor to uphold the rights of her family, regardless of the consequences. From the very beginning of the story, Antigone’s strong will can be seen after she was denied by her sister, Ismene, in joining her in hand to provide their brother the proper burial rights he morally desires. Knowing the dangers she will face alone, she is “so headstrong” about her intentions she grew more determined to bare it all on her own (2039). Ismene knew her limitations as a woman that women are “not meant in nature to fight against men, and that “extravagant action is not sensible” to what is certain death as the consequence of their actions (2039). Antigone’s sense of judgment grew more and more unclear due to her pride as she ignores Ismene’s advice to bury their brother in secret, but instead she tells Ismene, “oh, oh, no! shout it out. I will hate you still worse for silence-should you not proclaim it, to everyone” (2040). Her pride is also the source of her bravery that enables her to accept her fate and believes that it will be good to die and lay by her brother’s side to stand up for her beliefs. Antigone’s inhibitions grew even stronger when she is summoned to face her uncle, Creon, about her disobedient actions. Without hesitation she openly confesses to her deeds and even defiantly lets Creon know that “it was not Zeus that made the
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