Chapter Summary: Of Mice And Men By John Steinbeck

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Eileen Galvez 1-27-12 310 BOOK: Of Mice and Men AUTHOR: John Steinbeck TASK: Response Journal Background: Steinbeck wrote this novel during the great depression. During the great depression most people would travel alone to fend for themselves and not have to worry about anyone else. Steinbeck wanted to show people the truth about what was really going on. Through this Steinbeck develops a great cast of characters, an intriguing plot and many memorable themes. I. Characterization: George George wants to earn enough money to buy a ranch and live his “American dream” with Lennie. George feels responsible for Lennie and does his best at taking care of him. Everything George does is to advance him and get to where he wants to…show more content…
He is the least dynamic and doesn’t change throughout the novella. Lennie motives are always innocent and he never means to cause harm to others. Most of Lennies actions are what George tells him to do. All the things he does are for the things he loves such as petting soft things. Lennie believes in the farm and does whatever it takes to get there. He is always thinking about the rabbits and taking care of them. If Lennie does something wrong, the only thing he worries about is not being able to tend the rabbits. Lennie is blindly devoted to George and will and does everything he says. Lennie loves George and counts on him a lot of the time. Lennie values George and his belief of tending the rabbits. Lennie also loves soft things like mice, pups, girls’ dresses, and hair which produce terrible results. Lennie is utterly helpless and totally defenseless. Lennie doesn’t know right from wrong and this leads to a terrible outcome. Lennie possesses incredible physical strength and is oblivious to it. Lennie fails to stay out of trouble and he cannot avoid the dangers that are presented to him such as Curley and Curley’s wife. Lennie succeeds at listening to George’s instructions of what to do if he ever does anything bad. His enthusiasm at the farm is contagious and gets George, Candy and Crooks to believe in it. Lennie represents the weak and his innocence ensures his inevitable
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