Are Lennie and George Real Freinds

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The novel, Of Mice and Men, is described as a novel of true friendship. This novel tells the tale of two best friends who are complete opposites. George is characterized as small and smart, but his best friend Lennie is portrayed as large and dumb. After the duo flee their town for Lennie’s protection, they find refuge on a Californian farm. On this farm, they face many situations that test their friendship. Even though they face difficult situations, throughout the story it is very evident that they are true friends in the real sense of the word. The characteristics that they display to show that they are true friends is their loyalty, love, and protection they demonstrate towards each other. When Lennie's caretaker, Aunt Clara, died George promised to look after Lennie. However, George could walk away from Lennie at anytime, but he chooses to stay loyal. George knows that Lennie holds him back, "If I was alone I could live so easy" (11), easy is exactly what life would be like without Lennie. Without Lennie George could hold down a job, buy his own farm, and start a family. Although he’s aware of this, he knows Lennie stands no chance in the real world. George’s loyalty even causes him to put his life on the line for Lennie, “So we sit in an irrigation ditch under water all the rest of the day. Got on’y our heads stickin’ out of the side of the ditch. An’ that night we scrammed out of there.” (42), right by Lennie’s side, George left everything he had behind in the town that night. Although it was Lennie’s mistake, George decided to stay a loyal friend and help Lennie escape persecution from their town. As best friends, George and Lennie will do anything to protect each other. Although George is much smarter than Lennie, he will never let anybody hurt George. “Suddenly Lennie’s eyes centered and grew quiet and mad. “Who hurt George?” he demanded.” (72), this

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