Chapter Analysis: Abnormalities Of Characters In Literature

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Chapter 21 discussed how abnormalities of characters are a big sign to show how important they are. While reading this chapter, so many characters came up in my head, whether they were in books, tv shows/ movies, or games. These characters did have abnormalities that set them apart from the rest of society, however, made them obvious as the main character and hero/heroine of the story. So, when I read this chapter, I actually had an "aha!" moment. I like how the author stated that a certain abnormality may be just that- a certain abnormality. But, apply that abnormality to a character, especially in literature, and you get a unique hero/heroine who'll make an amazing impact on the story. I also found it ironic how characters of stories with abnormalties are discriminated against in the story, yet they end up being the hero/heroine of the story. Also, in the real world, we'd feel sorry for these people, sympathize, or even evade them, viewing them as different, and maybe even discriminate against them (meaniieeess!). We would never think them of heroes/heroines or view them as someone great like we do with characters in literature. Chapter 22 went over characters who were blind. I always found blind characters…show more content…
Irony is hard to understand, even for me. I have the basis for it, and with that knowledge, I think irony is great with stories. I like stories with irony in it because it throws everything off, and catches the reader off guard. It adds more wonder to the story, more anticipation, and makes everything that much better to read. I like to think of it as the " oh what the _ _ _ _!" factor (all those reading, theres more than one word to put into those blanks! =P) Its something you don't expect to happen, and it makes you want to keep reading, because now everything has just changed. Whatever the reader had in mind, it's all out the window because now something new just came up. I like surprises in books, much more enjoyable to

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