Chapter 7 Kite Runner

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How does Hosseini tell the story in chapter 7 of The Kite Runner? Chapter 7 of The Kite Runner is the start of Amir’s journey to redemption, in this chapter the horrifying event of Hassan’s rape is being referenced. Hosseini uses narrative techniques to help shape the meaning of this chapter and to contrast it to the chapters to come later on in the book. In the beginning of the chapter we are introduced to a dream Hassan had experienced a night before which is later contrasted with the ending of the chapter where Amir and Hassan experience an horrifying nightmare. Chapter 7 helps us(the readers) shape Amir’s character in more detail, “I kept/with the kite.” This shows us that Amir is paranoid about what Baba thinks of him as a person due to him listening to Rahim Khan’s and Baba’s conversation in the previous chapter. “but this was my one chance to become someone who was looked at.” This is said by Amir while he is flying the kite which shows that he is very eager to fit in with society and into the hierarchy set by the society because Amir being a ‘Pashtun’ is referred to be superior as Pashtun’s were the most powerful ethnic groups in Afghanistan. This also shows that Amir is seeking for Baba to notice him trying to achieve victory to seek the sense of attention which he lacked in his childhood because Amir thinks that Baba blames him for his mother passing away in childbirth. “the streets glistened with fresh snow and the sky was a blameless blue” is used to describe the setting of the beginning of this chapter when the kite festival is about to start. Hosseini uses juxtaposition of the delightful day with the horrifying incident to suggest that the appearance does not represent the reality within the book for example the beautiful setting of the chapter does not represent the rape incident which happens later on in the chapter. ‘Hassan always understood

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