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Kite Runner Chapter five In pages 33-38, we get to learn about the character Assef, and how he thinks he cen behave. Assef was born to a German mother and a Afghan father, Assef is blue eyed and blond and is very tall as it says ’Assef towered over the other kids’. Assef has a very well known reputation about his ’famous stainless-steel brass knuckles’, which seems on one would hope not to know through personal experience. His brass knuckles were seem to him as the right ’teaching tools’ if you needed a little legal education. When Assef gives someone a little legal education, you get the impression that he enjoys it and doesn’t care about hurting people as it says ‘I will never forget how Assef’s blue eyes glinted with a light not entirely sane and how he grinned, how he grinned, as he pummelled that poor kid unconscious’. You get the impression that he finds this funny and thinks that he has the right to hurt people and enjoy it and find it amusing at the same time. In the book we learn the perfect word that describes and sums up Assef this word is “sociopath”, this is the also the word that Amir uses to describe Assef. I think that are first encounter with assef, kind of prepares us for what happens later, as we learn that he is a sick minded person by how he think he can treat people, but I don’t think that from this impression we get of Assef we don’t think he would do what he did to Assef, we would just think that he would beat him up. I think that Hassan reaction to Assef, when he threatens to give Amir a little legal education, is extremely brave especially their difference in class. I think that Hassan was right to do what he did, as he knows that Amir wont stick up for himself, and as Assef insults him, his family and, his kind. I think that Hassan was very brave and clever to say to Assef ’you are right, Agah. But perhaps you

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