The Nest Essay Paul Jennings

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“The Nest,” a novel written by Paul Jennings explored the young and mysterious life of the protagonist Robin, a sixteen-year-old boy from Victoria. Through the use of significant and powerful themes, readers follow Robin’s progression from darkness that surrounds him to the understanding as he resolves his problems by understanding the past. Paul Jennings uses motifs throughout the novel, that reflect upon Robin’s dark thoughts that travel through his mind. The motifs are manipulated through the use of short stories, each story representing Robin and the metaphorical nature are central to the text. Readers are given a true insight on Robin’s dark past, along with the deep despair of never discovering how his mother died. Jennings use of significant and powerful themes reveal Robin’s journey of change from his ruptured past to his true understanding of his future. Jennings’ use of thriller conventions throughout the novel present significant and powerful themes through the use of dark, vivid imagery and the broad use of literary techniques. The mystery that surrounds the death of Robin’s mother explored the use of techniques in the quest to discover the truth into the real cause of her death. Jennings use of foreshadowing helps readers unveil a deep understanding of Robin’s dark thoughts through literary techniques, “My high spirits dissolve like salt in water,” The use of red herrings throughout the novel help represent the use of significant and powerful themes through the use of the thriller conventions. Throughout this novel Paul Jennings use of short stories through the first person narration of Robin, reveals to readers the dark thoughts that continuously surface into Robins mind. Each story reflects upon the problems and obsessions that Robin is experiencing, showing the need to confront the darkness within him, before it completely dominates his mind. "I
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