Challenges of Doing Consulting Business in Macedonia Essay

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CHALLENGES OF DOING CONSULTING BUSINESS IN MACEDONIA Doing business in Macedonia is challenging. As a business owner and entrepreneur, I have experienced both the benefits of new opportunities and the disappointments of certain economic, social and political realities. With a passive labor market and an unemployment rate of over 30%, our environment creates adversity to risk. However, as our nation continues to evolve and transform itself, our expectations of commerce and management are shifting in a more positive direction. There is an increasing focus on competitiveness in the European market and on globalizing operations. But, to enter and compete in larger markets our companies still need significant management shifts. For true, sustainable development of our nation and local communities, we need to focus on supporting and growing local businesses. My vision is to be a part of Macedonia’s development and I have achieved this in part by becoming a successful international consultant and entrepreneur. Over the past 6 years, I have worked very hard to build and grow my own consulting business, which has focused primarily on supporting economic and social development projects. Shifting my mental paradigm from technical to entrepreneurial was a major step. As Macedonia transitions away from donor funded projects to private sector initiatives and globalized operations, my vision continues to drive me forward. It is my goal to provide Macedonian and international corporations with local, top-notch business consulting services that would be a major upgrade to the level of services currently available to major clients in Macedonia and the region. This will not only increase capacity of our clients, but it will also ensure sustainable, long-term growth and stability of our company. To be a successful contributor to and beneficiary of Macedonia’s evolution, I

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