Diversity Training Outline

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Diversity Training Dianne Moser Rasmussen College Author Note This outline is being submitted on February 19, 2012 for Dr. Jennifer (Jenn) Strauss’s Work and Family – G425/SYO4180, Section 05course at Rasmussen College by Dianne Moser Introduction As the United States becomes more diverse, it is important for businesses to mirror that diversity in their workforce. A diverse workforce has proven to be more creative and innovative. It keeps companies competitive in a global business community. Discussion Diversity training has become a necessity in businesses today. Because of people’s differences in the work force such as race, gender, culture, age, and disabilities, it is important that employers provide effective diversity training for their employees in order to educate them to develop organized communication patterns regarding business goals, policies and procedures as well as increase an employee’s awareness,…show more content…
Aside from workshops and seminars, diversity training can be incorporated into regular training programs which can include topics such as sexual harassment, gender biases, social and cultural perceptions and disability understanding. Having some type of pamphlets available to hand out to all employees that explains cultural differences, ethnic differences, stereotypes and racial identity is important. These pamphlets could communicate how important it is that everyone is worthy of respect, regardless of their appearance, beliefs or cultural backgrounds. The training program should be mandatory for everyone to attend and could also include speakers who are familiar with different cultures and ethnic groups as well as being educated on statistics which involve civil rights
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