Central Line Catheters Research Paper

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Abstract Central lines also known as central venous catheters are an integrated role in today’s health care. They provide the means of delivering the necessary lifesaving fluids, nutrition, blood products, medications, and means for hemodialysis access. But for this convenience comes great risks of bloodstream infections that are caused by the colonization of microorganisms from the external surface on and around the devices providing a pathway while inserted or in use. These types’ central line or catheter related associated bloodstream infections are often preventable. Yet thousands of people die each year or escalates billions of debt to the health care system in the U.S. annually to fight them. According to the CDC these types of infections can be identified and isolated by cultures and laboratory testing. But to aid in helping battle the infections throughout the healthcare industry The Joint Commission has place accreditation requirements and various tools to reduce the infection rates in the healthcare field. Integration of Central Line Catheter Purposes…show more content…
The lumens range from single to quadruple which allows for multiple infusions of medications while monitoring pressures. For the critically ill patients it’s used to monitor the venous pressures, provide speedy administration of intravenous fluids, medication deliverance, antibiotic therapy, and aid in cardiac failure diagnosis just being a few options and uses available. The double and multiple lumen catheters cuts down the risks of accidental bolus administration because it facilitates semi timeous

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