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Definition: Risk managements definition is focused on identifying, assessing, and taking corrective action against probable risks that could lead to injuries of patients, staff or visitors. It is a strategic program of loss prevention and liability control, and its main purpose is to recognize, analyze, and evaluate risks. (Lowey,1996). Risk management is a continuous notion of detection, education, and intervention and development a plan for reducing the frequency and severity of accidents and injuries. (Lowey, 1996). Categories of Risks: In the article “Refocusing the Compliance Paradigm,” (2008) it conducts a list of various risk management and assessment categories associated in a healthcare facility. These categories have been tested…show more content…
Its objective is to provide statistical cost related data from both internal and external entities. (Moran & Shajahan, 2008, p.45). HIPAA Privacy and Security: HIPAA was developed to administer patient confidentiality and security. Its objective is the continuation of patient support and privacy that can be strictly enforced with the hospitals standard policies and procedures. (Moran & Shajahan, 2008, p.45). Magnitude: Although hospitals are usually concerned about augmenting safety, healthcare risks transpire quite often. Forbes magazine posted an article stating that between 40,000-100,000 people die because of careless mishaps, drug mix ups, preventable infections, and medical paperwork not completed correctly. (Herper, 2008, p.2). These few risk management categories mentioned above are to maintain awareness, reporting, general criteria, and adhering to appropriate medical administration in a hospital setting. Even though the magnitude of risks may seem rather large, those categories are set to not only help with identifying the potential risk exposure; but aiding and teaching management tolls to minimize these potential risks. (Herper, 2008,

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