Cell Phone Use in Schools

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Persuasive Essay – Cell Phones in the Classroom By: Millie Close Mobile phones are powerful tools that are carried around in people’s pockets. Individuals take them wherever they go in order to stay conveniently connected to the world. Although some may think phones are merely another distraction for teenagers in the school setting, Teenagers should be allowed and even encouraged to use their phones responsibly in class. Responsible uses for cell phones in the classroom includes, scheduling tools such as the calendar, memory aids like the camera and voice notes and they also have emergency contact information. Many students these days have a difficult time staying organized, between part-time jobs, extracurricular activities, homework assignments and a suffering social life. Scheduling tools are everywhere on cell phones and this organization should be encouraged in classrooms. Basic scheduling tools like the calendar and are easy to use and customize to a student’s specific needs. There are also many phones that have a notification system that can tell you when you have an assignment due or a big test coming up. There are many apps such as Edmodo, that have been developed specifically for iOS devices to keep students and teachers linked in a convenient way. This kind of expedient organization should be encouraged in the classroom. Students often have difficulty memorizing things and taking notes. Mobile phones have played an extremely important role in memorization. Many phones have a voice-recording feature that can be used to record notes and lessons for later revision. Cameras on phones allow students to take pictures of notes written on the board. There are also apps nowadays, that can actually transcribe these photos into typed text. Students can also download relevant apps and easily look up information to help them with their studies. For these

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