Causes And Effects Of Culture Shock

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The term ‘culture shock’ has often being used nowadays. Most of us are already familiar with this term. When people have to live in a different and unknown environment or culture, they become anxious, surprises, disorientated, uncertain and even confused. This is what we defined as culture shock. People always tend to give negative opinion to this term. Why is that so? It is because they did not have much education of culture shock, thus they will always find themselves reacting negatively to this term. Believe me, if one is being asked about the effects of culture shock, one tends to give only bad or negative effects. What they have to know is culture shock need not be unpleasant. There are many times when people get to feel the rewarding effects of culture shock. We have to change our perception regarding this matter. To change this, we have to actually understand about the causes and effects of culture shock. The most importance cause of culture shock is the different language being used. As we know, there are more than 60 different languages in this world and each language has different dialect in difference place. To live in a new environment comfortably, one needs to have the ability of communicating easily with people around him. Language made it quite difficult to communicate. We may think that they can always use English to communicate around, but what will happen if one move to a country where the people there does not understand English. For example, countries like Japan, South Korea and China did not educate their people to use English as their second language. Even though the countries stated are developing countries, but they tend to use one and only language which is their mother tongue. This situation always happens to foreign students in university. In case they move to these kinds of countries, they will find it hard to communicate unless they use

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