Castaway Essay

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In the film “Castaway” Chuck Noland, played by Tom Hanks, is a work-hound committed to the FedEx Company trying to expand a new branch. After an excruciating plane crash, his life is changed forever. With a whole new world in front of him, Chuck must rely on his love for Kelly, played by Helen Hunt, to survive. Chuck not only has to keep his sanity, but he also has to stay alive. In this film, the life of the man is cast away. The structure of this film is divided into three parts: Chuck’s life as a FedEx employee, the struggle to survive on the island, and the resolution with Chuck back in the United States. When the plane crashes, Chuck escapes his busy life. Although the crash is depicted as a horrible event, it lets the adventure begin. FedEx plays a big role in this film. Not only is FedEx Noland’s employer, but it also comes to play in many different plot points throughout the film. His upbeat, stressful job always keeps Chuck busy as both a victim and enforcer of the busy lifestyle. He lives and dies by FedEx’s motto: The World on Time. "Time rules over us without mercy," says Chuck, "not caring if we’re healthy or ill, because we live or die by the clock, we never turn our back on it. He puts his job on top priority. Scheduled to spend Christmas with his girlfriend, his plans are altered by a single message. He leaves his girlfriend after exchanging gifts, saying, "I’ll be right back." I’ll be right back takes about four years. While traveling through a storm, Chuck’s plane crashes. Although this wreck frees Chuck of his fast-paced lifestyle, completely cast away from his job at FedEx, the filmmakers still find a way to incorporate his company. Packages wash up onto shore. When at first Chuck can’t bring himself to open any of them, we realize how dedicated he is to his profession. How is Chuck Noland cast away? Chuck is on a deserted island. He has to
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