Case Study: The US Indianapolis

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The U.S.S. Indianapolis “The U.S.S Indianapolis is a Portland-class cruiser of the United States Navy and named after the city of Indianapolis”. They started to build her on March 31, 1930, and she was launched on November.15, 1932. The Navy started using the U.S.S. Indianapolis for missions on November 15, 1932, one year after it was built. The ship was used in many operations during this time while World War 2 was going on. Most of her missions were in the Pacific Ocean next to the Philippians, Guam, Leyte, and Hawaii. She carried the world’s first operational atomic bomb to the island of Tinian on July 26, 1945. The captain of the ship was Charles Butler Mcvay lll. The first mission for the Indianapolis was at Tarawa on January 31, 1944.…show more content…
She took out five submarines and many planes. Although she sustained heavy damage, after nearly six months of repair in San Francisco, she was ready to fight again. She received orders to go to Tinian, carrying a huge amount of uranium. Uranium is a rare metal that is used in nuclear weapons and bombs. The uranium was for one of the first nuclear bombs, called “Little Boy”, which was to be dropped on Hiroshima, Japan. The ship departed San Francisco on July 16, 1945. She arrived at Pearl Harbor on the 19th, then, went to Tinian on the 26th. The Indianapolis was sent to Guam where a big group of Navy recruits were picked up. She was now on her way to drop off the uranium at Leyte, but not before they had to pick up even more sailors in Guam. About one o’clock in the morning while positioned between Guam and Leyte, the ship was hit by two Japanese submarines. Out of the six torpedoes fired only, two torpedoes hit her. The first torpedo hit the middle of the ship, and the second hit the bow of the ship where the ammunition, bombs, and gun powder were stored, the fuel tank was right next to that room. At the time the second torpedo hit, there was a huge explosion. Which made the back of the ship start to sink and which…show more content…
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