Case Study: Big Brothers Big Sisters Of Massachusetts Bay

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Executive Summary: The organization Big Brothers Big Sisters of Massachusetts Bay faces some challenges in crucial areas. One of these challenges is in the fundraising section of their organization. The program hosts many big and expensive fundraisers every year and although the program has been very successful with large donor fundraising efforts, they are still in need of smaller donors. Big Brothers Big Sisters of Massachusetts Bay wants to be able to reach a broader spectrum of donors and in a way where there are not as many big expenses. BBBSMB is looking for a fundraising strategy that will be inexpensive to implement, doesn’t require much staff time, and will be lucrative. We are recommending a “Round Up” deal with the local supermarket…show more content…
These issues include the people who will stand in the way of the organizations, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Massachusetts Bay, desire to get things done. The people who will stand in the way of the organizations desire affects the outcome of the goal BBBSMB has. These people are also known as stakeholders. A stakeholder is anyone affected by anything. They impact in any shape or form. The goal for Big Brothers Big Sisters, hypothetically speaking, is a Round Up opportunity at Stop & Shop, which was mentioned earlier. These store patron rounds up their change to the next whole number. One of the most important stakeholders would have to be the donor of the supermarket and their motivation to make this opportunity work. Donors have a say in what happens because they are the ones who are investing in this desired goal. The customers are the ones who come by the store to purchase groceries. They are the ones who choose whether or not to round up to the next whole number. Without these donors, we will not have funds to keep this goal to keep on…show more content…
This sports day will consist of various sports for anyone to participate in. A pro is that there are a lot of people who walk around in the commons. Families, tourists, and just people who are walking by will be able to participate in this sports day event. This is a great way to get Big Brothers Big Sisters name out there for more people to hear about it and to participate in. Some cons of this alternative option is: how much the event would be, how much money the equipment would cost, how many volunteers for this event, and how much it would cost to rent a space of the commons. Our group judged that the Alternative Supermarket or Coffee Shop with using Whole Foods or Marylou’s Coffee to be the best alternative option. The reason being is because it will also be able to use the Round Up

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