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Global Supply Chain Management and Strategic Sourcing Case Study Questions Question 1: Based on the risk factors associated with the Bugabyte and the Bugabyte Lite, which product do you think Grunwald and Vogel will recommend as the best candidate for assembly outsourcing? This case study is embedded on procurement management and global sourcing. This is supported by the move of Metrovox outsource various functions from suppliers in China where it purchases the components of both Bugabyte Lite and Bugabyte for its assembly plant in Germany. In an effort to maintain its market position and competitive advantage, Metrovox was compelled to improve its previous product-Bugabyte by developing video capability. The new development had great impact on production such that it was delayed thus delaying delivery of the product by 30 percent. The management had no option but rather to outsource services for its assembly process from China. This called for comprehensive analysis of the situation leading hiring of consultancy services from Grunwald and Vogel. The intention of hiring Grunwald and Vogel was to help the company address the issue of late delivery that affected production. Based on the case study, risk factors that affected outsourcing process included ethical concern, quality and patent protection. Late delivery would affect its market and general market positions. This would have negative impact on Metrovox’s reputation such that the company feared it would trigger both consumer protests and boycotts. The solution relied on the company’s code of conduct. The introduction of video capability in Bugabyte was highly susceptible copyright. This implied that the intellectual property rights would be of great concern to the company. Product quality was also important. This is because, standardized products required specifications and measurements that

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