Case Study 1

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CASE STUDY, Part 1 1. Briefly describe each of the four major challenges that Netflix faces. Which of these four challenges will be the most difficult to address? Why? Which challenge will be the easiest to address? Why? a. The first major challenge that Netflix is facing is the development of technology. For years Netflix has been entering into deals with electronics manufacturers such as Song and Samsung to include the Netflix software with their devices, allowing the end-users to access the Netflix streaming service. Netflix needs to foster the creation of technologies that allow fast and easy access to the Netflix streaming service, while providing high quality content. The second major challenge is the growth in competition in the video streaming market, Netflix is competing against Hulu, Amazons subscription service, HBO Now, Google Inc. and others to dominate the video streaming market, and, at the time of this case study, was winning the battle against the newcomers, but this lead would surely decrease as other streaming services entered into agreement with movie and television studios. The third challenge that Netflix is facing is getting involved in original programming, creating their own series and movies. Netflix has had quite a bit of success here with shows such as ‘House of Cards’ and ‘Marvel’s Daredevil’, but other video streaming suppliers have started to create and release unique content as well, and some of the major media companies are pushing back against the unique content on streaming services by removing their own content from those streaming services. An example of this is CBS Corp.’s Showtime unit, who said they were going to remove their premium content from Netflix. The fourth and final challenge is the cost of accessing content, as the studios are clearly ready to raise the fees for their content, Netflix has to maintain a

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