Unit 16 P3 & M2

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Introduction Role of an Advertising agency Advertising agencies play a key role within businesses. This is because they are responsible of creating adverts for businesses which are eye catching in order to persuade the public to use the businesses services or buy their products. The advertising agency is also responsible for choosing suitable ways to advertise, this could be such as billboards, TV and the internet. Advertising agencies play a key role in developing adverts for businesses. Their job is to make sure that the adverts they create are appealing to the public and makes them want to use a service within the business or buy their product. The advertising agency will also chose the method of the advertisement this can vary such as TV, the internet and even billboards. The chosen method usually reflects the target audience. An example of this is that if an advertising agency is targeting teenagers their method of advertising they will probably use is the internet. This is because teenagers have a massive interest in using internet with in their daily lives. Also the method of advertisement that the agency uses will change according to the budget that the business has. Advertising methods are never a fixed and equal price as all other methods this is because advertising on TV will be considerably more than just advertising on a bill board. One example of a well-known advertising agency is Saatchi & Saatchi. This advertising agency has worked with many well-known organisations such as Sony and Toyota. The adverts they have created were seen by tens of thousands of people due to their advertising method which was by TV and billboards. Media buying The advertising agency will need to decide which method of advertising is best for a certain product. For example by looking at Apple’s iPhone they will debate the best method to appeal to the public and
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