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Push and Pushback in Streaming Video 1. a. Fostering deployment of technology that enables user-friendly, ease of access to the Netflix streaming service. b. Initiative of Netflix to get into original programming. c. Growing competitions from businesses such as, allow people to stream videos at no charge. d. Fees that studios charge Netflix for access to the studios’ content. From these four challenges I think that the Netflix‘s development of original programming is the most difficult to address need a lot of effort and a major investment in a completely different direction from sharing video either through DVD rental or online streaming. I think the easiest one would be dealing with the fees because the raising fee can involve an increase in Netflix’s own price structure, which could bring an effect on demand for its distribution services. 2. Each of the four major challenges faced by Netflix relate to the genetic managerial challenges of dealing with globalization, diversity, and ethics, they all link of the challenges that confront Netflix, some of the link are more clear than others. Technology deployment is happening with producer around the world. The growing competition in the video streaming market is progressing global, and the development of original programming in competition with major media companies go beyond the borders of the U.S.A. The fees that increase to Netflix are not just to satisfy produced in America; it is basically for all the studios content. It doesn’t matter where it is produced. Diversity, as we know the definition is inherent in any workforce, as a result applicable to any challenge that Netflix face. At the end, I would like to say that every managerial challenge should be fill with ethic, personal integrity and character. 3. Well, I can see that Netflix convert the four major challenges into meaning fully

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