Case Assignment on Kodak

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When you are a company that has a vision to bring a new product or piece of technology on the scene, it can be a challenging experience. Even if your product takes off in the market, it takes good planning, direction and an excellent team to keep the company’s image and product on track with the demands of the market. While a company may have the potential to make a great deal of money with their innovative product, if they’re not careful, they can end up bankrupt, like Kodak, the inventor of the camera. Even though they created a product that revolutionized the world of photography, they were not able to keep up with the times, whereas one of their competitors, Fujifilm, rose to the challenge. The Kodak Company began in 1878 when Eastman created dry plates for developing photographs, making photography on-the-go much easier ("History of Kodak,”). They continued to be on the forefront of the photography industry, creating new types of film, before their groundbreaking innovation – the digital camera ("History of Kodak,”). The company focused their marketing efforts on the simplicity of taking photos with their easily developed and portable film, using the slogan of “You press the button, we do the rest,” ("The rise and,”). They were at the top of the world, until “at the turn of the century Kodak started to see some intense competition build up in the form of Japanese companies combating to gain a share of the lucrative film market and trying to put an end to their dominance in consumer cameras,” ("The rise and,"). Kodak was the Goliath of the photography market for the majority of the 20th Century. They developed a product that revolutionized photography and created a household name synonymous with quality photos. But with their success also came their downfall. As their business grew throughout the decades, Kodak became obsessed with the status quo. “Since

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