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TELECAM 1. What do you think of the Internal Venture concept? Would you maintain it? Based on very definite management style, it seems that Allan would like to encourage the innovation and make sure that company stay competitive and benefit from an opportunistic, entrepreneurial environment. The concept itself is great so I would maintain it, however, it’s clearly that Switch division (old BNC) still has strong conservative culture, people and structure. So, when applying Internal Venture concept, it tends to show favorable to Wireless division (based on believe that conservative side might not want to take initiative or risk taking) rather than Switch division. So, this might hurt the morale across the division and create tension and resistance. To mitigate this problem, I will make sure that the concept has been communicated to everyone and emphasized that every innovation counts and everyone has an equal opportunity to set up Internal Venture. 2. What might go wrong in the future? The Internal Venture concept requires a lot of capital funding from Telecam so, if this concept has been promoted but most venture funded turn to be failure, the financial standing could be in trouble. Secondly, when several internal ventures have been set up there is a chance that the company could turn to fragment organization. Thirdly, the stock option which intend to provide tremendous potential return to the founder of each Internal Venture, however, if the stock price of Telecam tumble down, the stock option will no longer an effective incentive to the founder member. Lastly, as the internal venture can be merged with Wireless division, the people and culture in Internal Venture (Two years separation could be a big difference) might not match to the current structure, culture and current people in Wireless division. It’s easy to do in term of structure but it would take a

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