Diversity and Ethical - Internal and External Factors

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The strategic plan of any company should include a diversity program. A diversity program affects the three major areas of a company, the customers, the employees, and the vendors. Facebook implements diversity into the various phases of the company. To the customers this well rounded social media involves the social media through the Internet worldwide to the different ethnic markets. Facebook concentrates on the many types of people from different nationalities, genders, sex, ages, etc. Effectively implementing this diversity requires careful planning and execution. Management and the legal department of the company must stay current with the international policies and procedures of Internet use to avoid any legal issues that can generate from the lack of diversity. Monitoring and execution of the social media is important because upper management need to ensure the use of this social medial globally is diverse. Diversity also is important in the strategic planning of the company with the employees. Companies need to refrain from discrimination. Diversity in the workplace enhances growth opportunities, especially in a company worldwide like Facebook. Possessing diversity can offer insight otherwise unseen. Diversity permits skills and experience from other cultures to assist in the continued success of the company. Diversity continues through the vendors or known as the advertisers that provide the revenue for Facebook to continue operating. It is important for Facebook to stay well rounded and the way to accomplish this is to ensure the advertisements endorsed through Facebook are well diverse. Important in the success of the company to offer advertisements geared to different areas of nationalities, race, sex, age, etc. Also the advertisers need to offer the same diversity with his or her own company. Diversity cannot stop at one spot; it is international just
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