Carnival Current Event

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The hospitality industry is one of the largest industries in the world. From traveling for business or for just leisure, the industry has been prevalent for years. There have been many ways of traveling and places to travel. Over the years, the cruise industry has been growing into something very popular. Cruising allows you to have several different vacations in one. One cruise line that is becoming increasingly popular is Carnival. Carnival Cruise Line has been around for about 39 years now and has been very popular to say the least. Carnival has a mission statement that says “Our mission is to deliver exceptional vacation experiences through the world’s best-known cruise brands that cater to a variety of different lifestyles and budgets, all at an outstanding value unrivaled on land or at sea.” Carnival Cruise Line has many options for cruise destinations from Alaska to Europe. They have over 20 different cruise ships that set sail with thousands of passengers. Right now Carnival Cruise Line has a ship called Carnival Spirit that is traveling from the west coast of the United States to Mexico and even Canada. In October, this ship will sail over 6500 nautical miles to get to its permanent location of Sydney Australia. The Spirit will be a fulltime ship in Australia. This will be the first time Carnival has ever had a ship in Australian waters. It will sail year round. With the economy coming back up from the recession, the hospitality and tourism industry has been coming back also. Having a popular cruise ship in Australia is a good idea and having this aimed at Australians is wonderful. I think that Australian’s will take full advantage of the Spirit being in Sydney. Having a cruise ship so close to home, individuals may travel on it very frequently. Australia citizens may find it an easy vacation to plan or holiday travel to plan. Once again, since the

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