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The Bateaux New York The Bateaux New York is one of the most ultimate dining experiences you can have in the New York City area. The Bateaux is an all glass cruise ship that allows you to have an experience that cannot be felt anywhere else. You can enjoy breakfast, lunch, or dinner while having an amazing view of New York City that can not been seen anywhere else. The cruise ship sails around Manhattan while passing by the historic Brooklyn Bridge and the Statue of Liberty. For this reason the Bateaux has lived up to its fame and has provided an amazing view, service, and top quality dining. The view that the Bateaux offer is hard to come by in the City. With the trip being four hours it feels like it should be longer with half of the time spent of the cruise ship is spent watching the amazing views. The cruise ship first takes off and sails around Manhattan to give you a great view of the city from the Hudson River. Then it passes under the Brooklyn Bridge slowing down to give everyone the chance to go outside and take pictures of the bridge. Shortly after you then arrive at the Statue of Liberty one of the most famous historic monuments in the United States a…show more content…
The Waiters always come to your attention when needed to provide you the best service that they can provide such as bringing you the food and drinks. Another service that is known on the Bateaux is that they are known to have there themed dinners for holidays or for special occasions. On the cruise ship you can request flowers or special wine for you and your other to enjoy and they also announce your special occasion on the ship making it feel even more special. The service of entertainment is also top notch with a live band played during the cruise to professional photographers offering pictures to capture special

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