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Cargo Handling Questions 1. Why the fire consider the most dangerous disaster facing ship in sea? .the bottom of the ship is full of fuel .the ship carry liquid petroleum easy to catch fire .sparks from engine , heat and fuel .the ship contain wires in the accommodation and it`s easy to be burn .carrying flammable cargo 2. The types of fire? .liquid fire .natural fire .electric fire 3. Type of accidents? .fire . Capsizing: Marine accident where the ship has placed itself on the side and subsequently foundered. . Collision: Marine accident in which two ships or vessels, that are both aweigh, have collided. Collisions between two ships . Contact damage: Marine accident where the ship has crashed into a pier, bridge, light, ferry berth or similar. . Loss: A ship that has been exposed to an accident of such seriousness, that the ship has hereafter been deleted from the ship register. Operational errors: Errors made by the crew in relation to the operation of the ship, in other words hu- man mistakes. These “errors” can be caused by many factors, such as insufficient training, long working hours, stress, fatigue, etc. Other collision: (crash) Accident where a ship has crashed into another ship, which was anchored or moored to quay or buoy. 4. Type of stability? .stable ship gm+ (good distribution of cargo) .unstable ship gm- critical ship gm0 5. Define? .Light displacement: The weight of a ship's hull, machinery, equipment and spares. This is often the basis on which ships are paid for when purchased for scrapping. .Full displacement: the weight of ship full of everything .net tonnage: the volume used for the cargo measure by cubic feet .Gross tonnage: Actual entire internal carrying cubic capacity of the ship's hull below the upper deck .stowage factor: volume of 1 ton of cargo .broken stowage: space lost between cargo 6. Types of

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