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Joseph Walker 2/10/12 Intro to Security The Station Nightclub Fire There were many issues regarding this nightclub that caused this horrible fire that claimed the lives of 100 people. There were a couple threats involved that made this fire so bad. The main threat that happened was the pyrotechnics failed and ignited a flame on the stage. One of the bad design flaws of this building was that they used a highly flammable insulation. This insulation is known as polyurethane foam insulation. Now obviously the main threat regarding this whole fire was the pyrotechnic failure that occurred. Now this could have resulted from hiring an inexperienced pyrotechincian or it could have just happened from pure bad luck. If this did not occur that night then there would have been no fire that night. Now the other threat was the polyurethane foam they used to insulate the walls and ceiling. Now this is highly flammable and once this caught on fire it quickly spread throughout the whole building and made it as bad as it was. If they were to of used a less flammable insulation then this fire probably would not have claimed so many lives. Now there were a couple different…show more content…
The number one thing they should have done when planning their mitigation should have been the sprinklers. That is a no brainer they really should have had them installed, that’s something every building should have put in. Another effort they should have done was install more emergency exits. They could have done a better job at spreading out the exits and putting better LED exit signs above them so people could see them through the smoke. And also another thing that should have been on their list of possible mitigation is to change their insulation. If they were to have changed the insulation for less flammable insulation then this building could have been a lot more fire

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