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Careers in Criminal Justice CRJ 201 Michelle McMichael Professor Levit September 6, 2012 Careers in Criminal Justice Before beginning this class I had no idea that the career field for criminal justice was so large. I have not chosen a specific career that I would like to enter when I finish my degree so I am happy to do this paper and learn more about what my choices will be. All the elements of criminal justice are important and they all work together to attempt to make our communities a safer place. The three fields of criminal justice careers that I will be discussing are parole officer, police officer and crime scene investigator. Parole and probation officers have a difficult job because at times it is conflicting. One…show more content…
I think it could be very rewarding helping people get back on the right path. I love to work with people and it is not a regular desk job so it would solve my problem of becoming bored easily. I would work with a multitude of people and each day would be different. On the other hand, it is not a 9-5 job and it would keep me away from my family due to the heavy demands and caseloads. I could also be in danger working with convicted felons. If a client is unhappy or goes back to prison for violations the families and or friends could become upset and blame it on me. I do not want to do anything to put myself or my family in danger. I am also a woman so I would be more susceptible to sexual harassment from clients. Police officers have an important part in criminal justice. There are pros and cons for becoming a police officer. The public depends on the police to keep their communities and themselves safe. “Some concerns, such as corruption, on-the-job dangers, and the use of deadly force, derive from the very nature of police work.” (Schmalleger 266) Policing is a 24 hour a day job because “they are expected to exercise authority when necessary, whether on or off duty.” (Gadek,…show more content…
I have no interest in being a police officer. As previously mentioned it is a 24 hour a day job and I do not want to put a strain on my marriage or lose time with my family. I do not want to sit at a desk day in and day out doing paperwork and I would not want to be on the streets because of the dangers police officers face. Every call that comes in is another situation that could turn south in a second. I do not want to be injured or killed in the line of duty. Because of all the shows that are on television these days, crime scene investigator is the most widely known and popular career in criminal justice. “Responsible for evaluating the evidence at the scene of a crime, the CSI secures, packages, and labels physical evidence for evaluation and analysis.” (Gadek, 2008-2012) A crime scene investigation also prepares reports and testifies in trials. Cases that a crime scene investigator usually sees are homicide, sexual assaults and testifying in

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