Public Service Skills Assignment 2

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Police A mission statement from the police is "To improve the police response to victims of e-crime by developing the capability of the Police Service across England, Wales and Northern Ireland, co-ordinating the law enforcement approach to all types of e-crime, and by providing a national investigative capability for the most serious e-crime incidents. “This mission statement means that a primary police objective is to improve how the police respond to a victim by improving the capability of the police force and by investigating bad e-crime incidents more seriously. In order for the police to achieve this they must have the right skills and work as a team. If not they would not get the job done. 10 skills that the police need to get the job done are: Team skills - This is a key skill in the police force they require this because in the police force your one big team who needs to be able to work together to get the jobs done. E.G Catching a criminal can take people on foot patrolling, people in cars and people watching CCTV footage all working together. If the police did not use this skill effectively they would have trouble getting the job done and working together. If the police didn’t use team work effectively when chasing a criminal one officer could put himself at risk by going after the suspect alone trying to get the glory for himself of catching the suspect. Communication skills - This skill is also important because the police must be able to communicate clearly and effectively with each other. During situation such as arresting a suspect or controlling a crowd of people he needs to be able to provide clear instructions to the suspect or other police officers. If the police didn’t use this skill effectively there would be a lack of communication which could lead to a suspect getting away. If the police were quiet and not communicating to colleagues

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