Capitol Punishment (Death Penalty) Persuasive Essay

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A Life for a Life Let us face it; criminals and crime are a part of our everyday life. It seems that each day, someone new commits a murder or robs a convenience store. Our responsibility as a citizen is trying our best to eliminate crime. Accusing a person of a felony and sentencing them to prison with an unbiased and just term is crucial. Obviously, the death penalty should not be used in all situations. A person who steals a loaf of bread in order to feed his family certainly does not warrant a use of this penalty. On the other hand a serial killer who slaughters a person for personal gain and/or satisfaction should be brought to justice. The death penalty ought to be the final result when determining proper punishment for the immoral. The use of the death penalty for extreme punishment must be put into effect for several reasons. First of all, this decree acts as a crime preventer. If a possible criminal knows that he will be prosecuted, it might deter him away from committing the offense. Secondly, the penalty is strictly used on only the most appalling cases. It is extremely difficult to wrongly convict a person due to the fact that the defendant has multiple chances to prove their innocence. Lastly, the safety of our society is assured by eliminating these hazardous criminals from it. Everyone fears death. Many criminals would think twice about engaging in an illegal activity if they knew that their life was at stake. Punishing a person as an example to create fear in others is a tactic called deterrence. The death penalty is an ideal use of fear to discourage people from performing a major offense. A firm foundation for punishment is key when keeping order. Suppose for a moment that there was not a death penalty set in place, and that the maximum punishment in any given state was to be life imprisonment without parole. What is stopping a person

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