Cango Week 2 Case Analysis

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Week 2 Assignment 1. The most important issue that needs to be resolved is the lack of communication between Nick and Warren. I think that this can easily be resolved on Nick’s part by making sure that all of his team members are on the same page with a weekly meeting. I think that by making sure that the team has effective communication it will be easier to get over some of the other obstacles that have come to the surface from the communication errors on Nick’s part. 2. The second most important issue that needs to be resolved is the lack of a SWOT analysis in order to develop a strategic plan. A SWOT analysis is done so that a company can identify what its Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats are. By CanGo conducting this analysis, it can identify what strengths it has and what opportunities it is ready to exploit. This analysis can also point out weaknesses in the business and show what type of business opportunities it should avoid. I…show more content…
The last issue we found that was a small issue was that Nick does not clearly see the end result. If Nick were to realize the end result and start working backwards by prioritizing what needs to be done, when it needs to be completed and also how these steps are going to be completed once Nick lays out all the plans for the project it will be easier to communicate with his team what to do and when it needs to be completed so that the whole team is on the same page. We think that this will also be resolved by breaking those other poor team habits such as the communication problems and motivational issues, but once all of these issues are resolved the team can continue to work towards the goal of completing the project for CanGo. Right now, the most obvious thing was Nick getting organized and focused. Interruptions will always be an issue and can probably be avoided. He cannot spend most of his time trying to get organized. He will need to really start putting things together or he will lose valuable

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