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Getting Motivated and Overcoming Procrastination “Never put of till tomorrow what you can do today”. Procrastination is a complicated thing or sometimes called ‘syndrome’ that affects all people, especially they who live in a school life. Procrastination is related to lack of motivation and time management. Procrastinators often fail to complete task even though they know what the task is and the time they have to do it. According to Steel (2007), procrastinators have less confidence in themselves, less expectancy that they can actually complete a task. Moreover, almost 20% of people in the world consider themselves as chronic procrastinators. Therefore, it is important for us to overcome the procrastination with a big motivation. Sometimes the difficult task is avoided favor of the less difficult. And tasks that take longer amounts of time are less desirable than those that can be completed quickly. Procrastinator sometimes procrastinates due to laziness and high avoidance skill. In fact, it was so hard for many people to put those things away. Procrastinators focus on what they do not want. They are motivated to move away or avoid things. When the consequences of not doing are not important or not immediate, they put things off until later. As deadlines come closer, inner images of potential consequences get larger and more real. They imagine of getting a bad mark and teachers anger. The internal voice of warning gets louder and more insistent. Then, they get motivated to do it. Consequently, it will lead them to be the underachiever. The way to overcome procrastination is recognize what the reason causes you to procrastinate. Then, Self-defeating problems such as poor time management skills, indecisiveness, difficulty concentrating, and perfectionism can be major contributors to a lack of motivation. It's important to clarify your goals and then work to

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