Canadian Tire Corporation (Ctc)

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Canadian Tire Corporation (CTC) has grown into one of Canada’s largest publicly traded companies and most-shopped retailers. The company has five main business groups: a large retail chain providing automotive parts, sports and leisure, and home products; a financial division; a petroleum division; a specialty automotive parts division; and a retailer of casual and work wear clothing. The information technology group is faced with developing an implementation plan for the development of a business intelligence infrastructure and business capability at Canadian Tire Retail (CTR). Due to increasing competition, retailers have turned to Business Intelligence (BI) to improve sales and better serve customers to reach a quick win. Concurrent to this initiative is the development and implementation of an information technology strategy for Canadian Tire Corporation (CTC), which places a number of programs on the priority list, with business intelligence seen as a high priority item for which the organization can score some quick win business success. The objective of this report is to facilitate Canadian Tire Corp. to prepare the business intelligence plan for the company’s senior management. This report will address issues that should be considered in the further development stage of Business intelligence system for CTC, including the strategic direction for its information systems, the design and implementation of the BI, as well as privacy and security concerns. After analyzed the existing information technology system at CTC, the following issues are addressed; • Evaluation of current IT governance model • The value of business intelligence and data warehousing to CTC • Is the current IT governance structure appropriate to meet the “quick win” needs? • SWOT analysis for BI, strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threads, & challenges. This report

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