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Costco Wholesale Corporation Part II Costco Wholesale Corporation is an extremely competitive industry. The following writing will discuss the financial health, technological advantages, globalization, and conducting benchmarking analysis in comparison to Wal-Mart and Target Corporation. To manage financial statements efficiently is by means of income statement, balance sheet, and cash flow. The technology has advance and made developments through the year, technological advantage in Costco Company is helping the progress for success. Globalization is the key to survival that allow to a company to be competitive and offer diverse services and convenience to consumers. Benchmarking analysis that compares competitive companies with their process and performance metrics to industry requires a comprehensive research. In a successful business, effective tactical development inevitability to manage finance is essential. Financial management is a comprehensive tool that monitors and willpower to improve a company’s success. When I was conducting the research for financial statements, there were many interesting. On September 2012, the financial highlight of Costco Company concerning their income statement is $ 12,314,000 in comparison with Wal-Mart $108,727 and Target Corporation $ 21,559. Income report communicates the revenue of the company that generated for the duration of a period and how much the cost it incurred. On the balance sheet, that affects Costco’s current assets, long-term assets, current liabilities, and stockholder equity. As of September 2012 balance sheet, is $ 13,526,000 in comparison to Wal-Mart with $123,042 and Target Corporation with $2,829. Cash flow report in financing activities, investing activities, operating activities, and that detail cash receipts and disbursements related to Costco’s operations.

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