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Canadian Tire Case Assignment Social and Non-profit Marketing 1. What is Canadian Tire’s current image? Canadian Tire (CT) is one of the biggest retailer and service stores in Canada. In 1998 it had 430 associate stores and were operated by 388 dealers. They prefer to have associate dealers instead of the typical corporate owned business expansions. Over 85% of the Canadian population lived within a 20-minute drive of a Canadian Tire. This created a competitive advantage over other competitors because these stores were easily accessible by the entire population. CT competes in the hard goods industry against Wal-Mart, Home Depot, and also many other department stores established in Canada or in parts of the U.S. The entry of Wal-Mart and Home Depot stimulated the industry to make it more dynamic and competitive, and by consequence making CT look for more innovative ways to increase their sales. Additionally, these two companies brought their social marketing programs to Canada (which CT lacked) in the pursuit to become a community-oriented corporation even though Canada was not the country of origin of these companies. By these facts, CT is positioned solidly in their market and in search of developing a social marketing program to become more socially responsible. 2. What is the purpose of a social marketing program? The main purpose for a social marketing program is to inform consumers about what they want and need. Unlike traditional marketing programs that try to persuade a consumer to buy whatever is being produced, social marketing programs attempt to talk to the customer and change or influence their behavior. The social marketing program product doesn’t always have to be physical. For example, a traditional marketing program would advertise how good this type of exercise ball is whereas a social marketing program would emphasize the need for a

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