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The CBC fulfills its objectives as outlined in the official mandate and therefore it contributes to our being human. The CBC states that it will provide balanced service, promote Canadian culture, and serve special needs of geographic regions. A huge part of the human character is defined by the culture in which we grow up and the values and views we are taught to hold as important. The services provided by the CBC allow Canadians to learn about their culture and identity, as well as celebrate all the different aspects of life within Canada. The CBC provides service that reflects the many different views and lifestyles of people in Canada. As the official mandate states, this network supplies a "balanced service of information, enlightenment…show more content…
The CBC supplies a variety of different shows to meet these many unique needs. Many of the people who make up the Canadian population have roots from other countries, as this country is multi-cultural. The audiences generated by imported shows such as ‘Mr. Bean’ and ’Coronation Street’, which originate from England, reflect this. Special interests, such as music or dance, are considered when shows such as ‘Sunday Encore’, which deals with the arts, are played on CBC. Specialized news programs, such as ‘Venture’ or ‘The Nature of Things’, are tailored to suit people interested in the environment, business, sports and other aspects of society and the world. Coverage of special events is another benefit that the CBC brings to Canadian citizens. In fact, according to Don Goodwin, CBC Regional director for Ontario, ".. in radio there is no competition to the CBC for such events as the Olympics or the Commonwealth…show more content…
Every human needs to have knowledge of self and the culture that is their own. The CBC primarily uses Canadian resources to preserve this culture. There are many news programs to inform Canadians about issues within, and affecting, the country. Shows such as ‘The National’ or ‘Canada Now’ give people living in Canada the option to watch news from their own country, as opposed to viewing American stations. They deal with local, regional and national issues which helps people understand what is going on all over the country, in effect bringing it closer together. These programs provide many different views and opinions to get an overview of Canadian society as a whole. Canadian traditions, such as ‘Hockey Night in Canada’, demonstrate national pride and, in this specific case, celebrates something that is distinctly of Canadian

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