Cambodia Genocide: Pol Pot And The Khmer Rouge

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Pol Pot was the communist head of the Khmer Rouge that was founded in 1963. His goal in his regime was to create an agrarian utopian society. After Japan’s imperialistic forces pulled out of Cambodia, the Cambodian wanted nothing more to do with imperialism, and this led to Pol Pot leverage later in his campaign. After a rigged federal election of the elites, Pol Pot started his involvement in the Khmer Rouge Party. Rouge in French means red symbolizing, A communist party. Pol Pot went into hiding after being accused of treason, and with the help of the Northern Vietnam, he established a guerrilla military group against the monarchy, using ideas from Mao Zedong- he created a revolution. The Khmer Rouge killed the Prince of Cambodia, and aligned Cambodia with the US,…show more content…
Pol Pot was able to claim the Khmer Rouge was fighting for Cambodian independence and against imperialism with the new changes. This stand was supported by the people. The Cambodians appeasment to the Khmer Rouge and Pol Pot’s ideology was the only option they had in order for them to be free out of Imperialism for good. For Asians, to be anti-imperialism is to be anti-capitalism. And after gaining the capital, Pol Pot declared “Year Zero.” Pol Pot created the Cambodia Genocide, to help create his new society. The people that were targeted were: members of the former government, Buddhist monks, Muslims, educated people including university students and teachers, people in contact with Westerners or Vietnamese. The Khmer Rouge started out with rejecting higher education, and was purging those who were. And by

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