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Reading Response In the written work, Calling all Carnivores by Ariel Kaminer, discussed the topic of if was ethical to eat meat. Ariel Kaminer wanted to start the conversation and create a contest to see who could tell people why it is ethical to eat meat. Said by Ariel Kaminer and Jay Bost, the winner of Ariel Kaminer’s contest, eating meat is ethical because since the beginning of human existence we have been eating meat to survive. The choice to eat meat has been ingrained into our habitual eating patterns. Creating none meat products would have environment ramifications. The example that was used was the use of fossil-fuel that would be used to create soy for meatless products making the argument that it is actually good for the environment…show more content…
For myself, I picked the life of a vegetarian because I myself found it the ethnical solutions for my lifestyle. I disagree with the author. I don’t believe that the issue is finding the ethics of eating meat. Although I don’t believe that there is anything unethical in eating meat, I do believe that there are strong social reasons to becoming a vegetarian. As said by Manoj in an article Ethical and Environmental Reasons for being a Vegetarian, each year 90% of the grain produced in America is used for feeding the livestock such as cows, pigs, lambs and chicken. Every sixteen pounds of grain only gives us one pound of beef. That grain can be used to create bread, cereal, and other food products that can be used to help feed the nation and the nations poor. Along with this, a diet of grains, vegetables and beans will support about 20% more people than a diet of meat will. If we primarily produce vegetables and grains, this will drive down prices, making the food cheaper and more attainable to the nations poor and the planet would be about to support the population. Environmentally, the livestock industry produces 18% if the world’s greenhouse gas emissions. In total this is more than the total of the world’s transportation system. This includes all cars, trains, and planes

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