California Dreams And Realities

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California Dreams and Realities In the readings “Notes of California Expedition” and in “California: A place, a People, a Dream,” both authors illustrate the good and the evil of California. In both writings the author’s explain how California can be a dream come true or where dreams are shattered. They show the real life struggles and riches of California’s past time. In Notes of California Expedition, it is real people’s short letters of their new life in California and the struggles they endured in California. In California: A Place, a People, a Dream talks about how California is a perfect state where all your dreams will come true. In California: A Place, a People, a Dream, explains people’s perception on the California lifestyle. How the weather is great in California and it never rains and the only snow you see is miles off in the distant hills. The success of California has lured thousands upon thousands of immigrants including many domestic immigrants. In the beginning, the author explains how the first big rush of people was caused by the gold rush in 1949. Many people came to California thinking they would strike it rich quick and easy. That was not the case at all; the gold was hard to get to and by the time people started migrating to California, there were already thousands of miners there, so the profit was diminishing greatly. “Despair, isolation, and disillusionment arise out of the newcomer’s experience, turning would-be dreamers into butter antagonists who denounce the false promises of the California dream.” (Rawls 25). This quote says that many people lied about California to encourage others to go to California. When they get here, they get a reality check and realize nothing is handed to you and if they go home, they thing that their dreams will never come true. California is known for its riches in the past and present, from Hollywood all

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