Caged Animals Essay

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Animals in cages Animals in cages can be cruel! I think this because animals have feelings and shouldn’t need to be in cages. If animals need to be in cages I think it should only be when their owners are gone. A majority of animals in labs are stacked in cages no bigger than a shoebox.2.73 million animals are tested and killed for food and fur. The only reason animals in cages should be ok would be when owners are gone, “they don’t want their pets to tear up their house.” Bunnies, hamsters, mice, or birds would be ok to live in a cage. Also if you are traveling, a cage would be ok to keep your pet safe. Animals shouldn’t be in cages its mean! At zoos it is fun to see animals when your younger but, when you grow older you notice animals are locked up for our amusement! In Atlanta polar bears live in a place that can reach ninety degrees when they are used to sub-zero temperatures. Animals should be in cages so they don’t go wild when alone at home or in cars or planes. Too many animals are treated badly and owners keep them in cages for along time. Some very cruel owners leave animals in cages for almost the animal’s whole life. This is why I think animals in cages is cruel and isn’t fair. I think people should get together and help caged
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