Buyer-Seller Relationship Essay

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Buyer-Seller Relationships ——An Analysis Based On Analogy of Relationships When it comes to buyer-seller relationships, the concept of value is always the focus of the topic. What is Value? Value is benefits received for burdens endured, that is Value= ΣBenefits – ΣCosts (excluding price). However, the equation is just part of the story since value need to be clarified as a perception. So the whole equation should be concluded as Client Benefits – Client Cost(excludes price) = Value offered- Value Gap = Value Perceived – Customer Incentive to Purchase = Price. The process of developing buyer-seller relationship is a process to increase CIP. Interpersonal Relationship As McCall (1966) points out: Marriage is a restrictive trade agreement. The marriage is a restrictive trade agreement. The two individuals agree to exchange only with one another, at least until such time as the balance of trade becomes unfavorable in terms of broader market considerations. Within interpersonal relationship, the benefits of love, closeness, familiarity and sharing resources are the benefits of accompanying each other. As a sacrifice, two parties need to take responsibilities and offer caress to each other. If there’s a value gap, the relationship will induce dissatisfaction with each other. Therefore, the process of developing interpersonal relationship means increasing each other’s incentive to be together. Similarities of the Analogy In buyer-seller relationships, regarding the two directions to increase CIP, decreasing the value gap is often overlooked but comparably easier to be achieved. How to communicate values to customers in buyer-seller relationship can be analogized to interpersonal relationship development. I’d like to analyze it from the scenes in the movie, “When Harry Met Sally”. First, from Sally’s perspective, she wants to find a guy optimistic,
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