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Business Consulting Consulting/527 March 23, 2014 Professor Paul Nesbitt Business Consulting A person who is a business consultant can be defined as a professional who analyzes a business in depth, and tries to develop solutions for the various problems encountered, (University of Phoenix, 2014 ). The business consultant helps other companies into the development of effective plans to large size companies, non-profits, and this includes small companies. Business consulting has numerous types of sub-categories, which includes marketing consultants, financial consultant, and human resources consultant (University of Phoenix, 2014 ). Organization uses internal and external consultants. For example, a healthcare business consultant can help and develop training programs for its employees or hire a logistics business consultant to streamline distribution or shipping department. Vision for Internal and External Consultant External and internal consultants use the similar functions and roles to solve a problem an organization may have. Vision for Internal Consultants Internal consultants have the knowledge skills to solve problems and improve organizational functions because he or she understands the organizational structure…show more content…
However, some companies do have internal consultants, but these consultants are part of the hierarchy, (Change Management Learning Center,1996-2014). There are pros and cons to each avenue of consulting. External consultant typically travels abroad depending on the size of the company and the work/life balance may not be balanced, and the pay is better. The external consultant payment is based on completion of projects. If there are no regular projects coming for the external consultant, then he or she will be struggling and receive no source of income at that
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