Bully Annotated Bibliography

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Annotated Bibliography: Bullying in Schools Shaniqua Santos Kaplan University Bullying in Schools: Annotated Bibliography Hymel, S., & Swearer, S. (2009). Bullying and School and Online: Quick Facts for Parents. Education.com Holdings Inc. This informative eBook provides practical information on cyber bullying. It presents a comprehensive list of actions that a parent can take in the quest to counter cyberbullying and illustrates the warning signs as well as consequences of cyberbullying. The eBook is resourceful in presentation of a wide view on various aspects of bullying during the final project. It is a reliable source for the bullying project since it covers a range of information surrounding the vice. The editors of the eBook are world-renown experts and consultants on bullying based at the American Association of School Administrators (AASA). AASA is committed to ensuring a safe and productive learning environment for children; hence, it is a resourceful website for parents. Using this material can give comprehensive details to teach the children who are inclined to practice cyberbullying on the dangers of the vice. It will also provide details to parents on how they can better deal with their children, especially the children happen to be victims of cyberbullying. Conclusively, this is a powerful material through which the message on the negative impact of cyberbullying can be communicated to the entire society, thereby helping curb the situation as it is now in schools. Joaquim, C. J. (2014, July). Developmental stage of performance in reasoning about school bullying. Behavioral Development Bulletin, 19(2), pp. 81-100. Joaquim explains the psychological perspective of bullying. He presents data on a study that was conducted to establish the cognitive development stage at which student-bully problem is likely to occur. The article
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