Buist & King Response

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1) Buist & King response (week 2) – based on Steve Buist’s “Do the Media Fall Down…” article & ML King’s “The Purpose of Education”. These two articles seem to be very different: one is a recent newspaper article, largely fact-based, and the other is a much older, argumentative commentary. à Imagine these two authors could sit down to talk about their work. What common ground would they find in their beliefs? Prove your explanation with examples from each article. Respond in 1 or 2 paragraphs, with clear topic sentences, and check for grammar, spelling & punctuation before posting. Despite the era and article difference between Steve Buist the author of “Do the media fall down on scientific research coverage? Sources of cash are key-but most reports fail” and Martin Luther King, Jr.the author of “The purpose of education”, they both have similarities in their work. The main similarity that both articles highlight is the topic of morals. “What is morally correct?” I can imagine if they could sit down to talk about their work they would come to a common ground in their beliefs. Steve Buist’s article highlights the unethical behavior between researchers and companies that fund researches, and how these behaviors can be improved. “Improving the transparency around the financial relationships between researchers and companies is one way to deal with the potential conflicts of interest that can arise” (Buist, S., 2012). One such example is the “most reputable scientific journals, such as the New England Journal of Medicine, now require the authors of scientific papers to make detailed disclosure of their commercial financial relationships as a prerequisite for publication” (Buist, S., 2012). This is a good start towards improving transparency within the scientific world. The media contributes a great deal in misinforming readers about potential
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