“Grifols And Talecris Merger”

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“Grifols and Talecris Merger” Grifols, Talecris merger finally approved Grifols and Talecris get FTC approval to merge. The FTC had been concerned that a merger of two of the top companies in the specialized blood therapeutics space would hurt competition and lead to higher drug costs for patients(2010 MedCity News). Due to huge impact of the two top companies in the market combining rules and regulations had to come to help restrict the market and CEO of the Cleveland Clinic Toby Cosgrove played a huge role in helping create barriers to keep this Industry competitive. Many Rules and regulations by the FTC ultimately helped to insure the Industry would stay competitive and would ultimate benefit consumers while still creating revenue for the producers of these products. If Barriers were not put in place the market could have been strongly overtaken and had a monopoly and caused a negative effect for consumers and creating a never-ending surplus of revenue to these two top companies. There are two firms involved in this merger; Grifols and Talecris. In this merger, Grifols’ proposes to acquire Talecris. Let’s take a look at each firm. According to Grifols (2011), they are a global healthcare company which produces life-saving protein therapies for patients and tools to the healthcare industry. The Federal Trade Commission describes Grifols a manufacturer of plasma-derived drugs. Grifols is headquartered in Barcelona, Spain with operation facilities in both Barcelona and Los Angeles with focus on developing and manufacturing human blood plasma-derived products. According to BusinessWeek (2011) Grifols 2010 annual revenues were €990.7M or $1.3 Billion. These revenues exceeded those of the previous year. Now we will turn our focus to Talecris.

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