Buddys Friend A Christmas Memory

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Buddy’s Friend Analysis Living in the rural South during a harsh time of the Great Depression is hard for many people. Yet the bond between a woman and a young boy is an essential part of Truman Capote’s story, A Christmas Memory. Buddy’s friend shows thoughtfulness and kindness to many others, and the quality of being loyal. These qualities help a strong relationship get through a difficult time of hardship. Collecting the ingredients for the fruitcakes would be easy, but both Buddy and his friend never knew where they would get the money to pay for the assortment of things that have to go into the fruitcakes. Buddy’s friend decides to create a Fun and Freak Museum. Buddy believes that it is their, “only really profitable enterprise.” This idea of showing off their three legged hen that came from the mind of Buddy’s friend shows her thoughtfulness, which helps them to earn $12.73 to spend on ingredients. Buddy’s friend also shows thoughtfulness after she gets upset from the relatives yelling at her for giving Buddy the last few sips of whiskey. Instead of pouting in her room all day, Buddy’s friend decides that she knows a perfect place to get a tree and some holly for Christmas time. The next day, Buddy and his friend were off with their tools to chop down a perfect Christmas tree for that holiday. When given a free bottle of fine whiskey from Mr. Haha in trade for a fruitcake, Buddy’s friend is filled with joy and says, “What a lovely man. We’ll put an extra cup of raisins in his cake.” After they bake the cakes, Buddy’s friend gives the cakes to Mr. Haha and many complete strangers just because she is a genuinely kind person. In another episode, Buddy’s friend shows her respect, and compassion towards Buddy. Every Saturday, she gives Buddy ten cents to go and see a picture show. Instead of giving buddy the ten cents to see a picture show, his friend could

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