Summary Of Tea Cake By Zora Neale

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CAUSE | EFFECT | Nanny forces Janie into Marriage. | Janie marries Logan Killicks whom she does not love. Janie soon learns that marriage does not mean you will fall in love with the person that you have married. | Janie sits under the Pear Tree. | Janie is becoming aware of her developing sexuality and she wants to find someone to love. She is excited to begin the rest of her life. | Joe Stark visits. | Janie proceeds to leave her failing relationship with Logan and move with Joe to Eatonville where Joe becomes the mayor. Joe is controlling over every aspect of Janie's life. They are married for over 20 years. | Joe Dies. | Janie goes through the customary 6 month period of mourning, wearing only…show more content…
| Janie experiences love for the first time. Janie loves Tea Cake even though he is not well-off like her previous husbands. She is prepared to do anything for him. | A hurricane devastates the Everglades. | Janie and Tea Cake manage to survive the deadly hurricane. They see death and destruction everywhere and there house is flooded. Janie is swept into raging waters, but is saved by Tea Cake. | Tea Cake spends time with Nunkie. | Janie experiences jealousy for the first time and tries to beat up Tea Cake. | Tea Cake is bit by a rabid dog. | Tea Cake falls ill, becoming increasingly delirious and paranoid. He is unable to swallow and water or eat at all. He is unaware of his impending death, refusing to go to the hospital | Janie kills Tea Cake in self defense. | Janie is accused of murder. In court, she delivers a powerful testimony of her relationship with Tea Cake. She is found innocent by a jury of all white males. | Janie moves back to Eatonville. | Janie moves back a few weeks after Tea Cake's funeral, bringing only a packet of seeds to plant in remembrance of Tea Cake. Janie is content that she has experienced life and “been to the horizon”. Janie declares that her memory of Tea Cake will never die.

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