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Nguyen 1 Hershey Chocolate Almost everybody knows the name Hershey. That’s because Milton Hershey put his name on one of the most delicious food in the world, chocolate. In 1894, Hershey was able to create a milk chocolate that is a scrumptious delicacy to every one of all ages. But Milton Hershey wasn’t always successful. It was hard for Milton to get started ad he did fail trying to sell candy for the first time. Still, he did not give up. Milton worked hard to invent mouth-watering new recipes and expand his factory. He created work for people who needed jobs and schools for orphan boys and girls. He was able to help the soldiers during World War II which means, chocolate goes to war. In the end, he kept trying until his…show more content…
It was as big as two football fields. Inside the factory, there was room for six hundred workers. While the factory was being built up, the town spread out as well. Milton also planned the neighborhoods out. He named the main streets Chocolate Avenue and Cocoa Avenue. The other streets were named after places where cocoa beans came from, like Java, Caracas, and Trinidad. Most factory towns had houses that all looked alike, but that wasn’t good enough for Milton. He wanted each home to have its own style. He wanted each house to be up-to-date. Instead of outhouses, the new homes had…show more content…
People called these times the Great Depression. During the Great Depression, workers lost their jobs and many people went hungry as well. Milton didn’t want these things happening in Hershey, so he planned all kinds of new building projects to make sure all of his workers had a job. One day, someone had pointed out a steam shovel at one of his building sites. (The steam shovel did work for forty men.) Milton was so horrified that he ordered to take them off and hire forty mean instead. By 1936, the worst of the Great Depression was over. Milton was glad that no workers in Hershey had lost their jobs. (Simon 35 and Sutcliffe

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