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Charlene Christine Govender BPT1501 53799569 Assessment 11 - Portfolio PORTFOLIO (Assignment 11) 261328 SURNAME: Govender NAME: Charlene Christine STUDENT NUMBER: 53799569 Contents 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Introduction My best discussion My best assignment Philosophy Mind map and explanation of roles Reflection Bibliography Pg 2 Pg 3-8 Pg 9 Pg 10-11 Pg 12-13 Pg 13-14 Pg 15 1 Charlene Christine Govender BPT1501 53799569 Assessment 11 - Portfolio 1. Introduction When I registered for BTP1501, there were only two things that I knew about the module; that the module was online and mandatory. As I registered for the module, I could see that it was my own participation and the other students that lead to the main content of the module. In order to be a successful and effective teacher, we had to know the basics. This meant I had to research answers to the thought provoking questions that were set for the module. I also, learned through my fellow students answers. The module was well presented and I could see the how the layout was very user friendly. The assignments were clear and well put out, and the TA for our group was very efficient. Sometimes studying through distance learning gets very lonely, it was very refreshing being able to converse with other students. 2 Charlene Christine Govender 2. MY BEST DISCUSSION BPT1501 53799569 Assessment 11 - Portfolio Re: Discussion Topic 02: Roles and responsibilities of a teacher I enjoyed reading each one of you guys list of roles and responsibilities that teachers have. My source is 1) Ensuring the optimal development of children, both socially and academically. The teacher remains up to date with latest schemes, curriculum and learning methods. Thus making sure she has the latest technological advances and advice from

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