Btec Unit 6 - Formal Assessment for Learning Brief A.

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Graphics Analysis Today I will be reporting on three graphics; one a popular coffee branch logo 'Starbucks Coffee', the other a 'Chanel No5' advert, and the last, a ‘Andrex’ toilet paper advert. I decided to start with the Starbucks logo. Right away I noticed the simplistic colours used - green, white and black. Using the colour green subconsciously makes us think that the company is natural e.g. uses fresh coffee beans. Also when used on a coffee cup, the colour green makes us think that the cup is environmentally friendly. The use of only three colours is so that the logo is more easily recognised and more cost efficient. Written round the edge of the logo are the words 'Starbucks Coffee' in a bold font. In the middle of the circular logo is a cartoon of a 'two tailed siren', which is a unique design - this makes the graphic stand out even more. The logo was in the form of a .gif (graphics interchange format) when I downloaded it from the Starbucks website, since the logo needs to be high quality; it's range of uses span from a small sized coffee cup, to huge store signs. In my opinion, the target audience for this graphic is 18 - 40 year olds, since the whole idea of 'coffee on the go' is something which would appeal to working men/women who need to save time. In addition, the logo is not particularly 'child friendly', since many younger children wouldn't be capable of reading the text - comparing the logo to say the 'McDonalds' logo which is much more simplistic and fun (yellow arches on a red background). Furthermore, I think that the use of thin white stripes close to each other to make up the siren's tail could be problematic when printing the image e.g. the lines merge together. Moving on to the second graphic I chose to review, the Chanel No5 advert, I again noticed the simplistic/basic feel. The advert presented a celebrity actress (Nicole

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